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This is the Audiofile game page for this May – Seed Moon.

Time of red flowers especially from the Red Flowering Gum and Banksias start to display their flowers, ensuring that there are nectar food sources for the many small mammals and birds that rely upon them. Seeds are collected and stored, along with the root bulbs, fresh water fish, frogs and turtles.

Download the samples and make a new track, using the samples provided. You can use VST effects and instruments.
This is a timed event with entries only being accepted within the 3 hour time frame.

[acc_item title=”How do I do it?”]
To do this you will need your D.A.W of your choice, and a ‘Soundcloud’ Account. If you haven’t made a SC account yet, here’s the link: https://soundcloud.com/signin

Step 1 – DOWNLOAD THE SAMPLEPACK – Once the top timer has run down, it will be replaced by a download link.

Step 2 – IMPORT THE FILES – Open your D.A.W and import the samples provided.

Step 3 – MAKE YOUR TRACK – Make a new track using the samples provided, and any VST’s you want.

Step 4 – EXPORT & UPLOAD – When you are happy with the arrangement, export the audio and upload your track to Soundcloud.

Step 5 – ENTER – Once your track is uploaded to Soundcloud, paste the page URL of that track into the ‘Participate’ tab – “Audio link” text field up the top.